Painter´s Table

Julie Alexander interview on curating "The Edge & a Little Beyond"
for Painters Table by Brett Baker
installation of Julie Torres paintings

"Now You See it Now You Dont" on Patterns That Connect

 My painting (top image) from 2012 Terrace,
its interesting to see its condition a year later!

images & article by Andy Parkinson

The Edge and a Little Beyond on Curating Contemporary




The Edge and a Little Beyond @ Soil Gallery

The Edge and a Little Beyond: Six Abstract Artists

September 5 - 28 Opening reception: September 5, 6 - 8pm

The Edge and a Little Beyond, curated by Julie Alexander, brings together six abstract artists whose work pushes out the edge of the painting, playing with the basic structure of wood supports and stretched canvas.

Image: Maria Walker, Blue Bird. Acrylic, unprimed dropcloth, wood, 7.5" x 12.5" x 2"

Valerie Brennan’s thick, trowelled surfaces lap the edge of her painted panels, expanding the space of the painting beyond its support. Jamie Powell cuts shapes from her canvases that reference childhood cartoons. Lorri Ott often forgoes the painting support all together, binding color and debris with poured resin. Julie Torres builds the painted object with insistent layers, often creating a meta-object. Susan Scott and Maria Walker take apart and reassemble the basic structure of painting, sometimes leaving it in a heap. The work, verging on sculpture, clearly comes from a painter’s mind.
These six artists, through abstraction, both work within and challenge the perimeter of the painting, pushing beyond the boundary and entering the viewer's space. They do it with a personal mark-making that values joy and uncertainty.

Terrace Annual

Always great to be part of this annual show curated by Karl Bielik