Satellite, Unagi & Elbow Room

oil & spray paint on Masonite, 180 x 150cm, 2015

oil & spray paint on Masonite, 180 x 150cm, 2015

Elbow room,
oil & spray paint on Masonite, 180 x 150cm, 2015

 in progress

installation @ Lost Cat, Cape Cod Musuem of Art

Left: Valerie Brennan
Right: James Austin Murray
There are also some great install shots posted on Art Orbiter

Lost Cat

Lost Cat @ The Cape Cod Museum of Art,
curated by Susan Carr & Betty Carroll Fuller

Still I Rise

Mandy Lyn Ford, New Wave, Oil Paint, Acrylic, Sparkle Foam, and Canvas on Canvas Adhered to Wood Panel, 10 x 8 inches, 2014
Please join us for a special Winter Giving Season edition of the Urbano Cellars Art Salon Project, curated by Kimberly Rowe, a local internationally exhibiting artist and curator. The reception is Wednesday, November 11th, 5 - 7 p.m., and features the work of fourteen contemporary abstract painters.
The show, Still I Rise: Recent Work by Powerful Women, takes it's name from a poem written by the inimitable Maya Angelou, who did not let being a woman, or African American, or someone whose own life was fraught with incredible trials and tribulations, cause herself to shrink.
At a time when women and women's rights continue to be devalued, it is important to seek and find the power in each one of them. These artists who are featured here are examples of women who choose to live out loud. Among other things, they practice abstract painting, which has been said to be a political act. Both painting and abstraction are often disparaged, mainly because they are not always understood, which can serve as a metaphor for these makers. The exhibiting artists include, Valerie Brennan, Joyce Conlon, Mandy Lyn Ford, Ruth Freeman, Sarajo Frieden, Ellie Fritz, Molly Herman, Amelia Layton, Seren Moran, Laura Viola Preciado, Kimberly Rowe, Jennifer Turnage, Alison Woods and Rachel Znerold.


States of being @ Torrance Museum of Art

installation shots of the show, beautifully curated by Julia Schwartz
photos by Gene Ogami
Valerie Brennan
left to right; Sabine Tress, Julia Schwartz, David McDonald
left to right; Jennifer Wynne Reeves, Julie Torres, Mira Gerard

left to right; Jennifer Wynne Reeves,  David McDonald, Jennifer Wynne Reeves

left to right; Lucy Mink, Jennifer Wynne Reeves

States of Being @ TAM

David McDonalds,
Self Portrait ( Underground Self ), 2011

States of Being @ The Torrance Museum of Art

Sat Oct 3 to Sat Oct 21 2015

The Torrance Art Museum presents States of Being, an exhibition curated by Julia Schwartz that philosophically explores how nine artists construct meaning through use of various materials.
The phrase states of being can reference many different physical and psychological properties. However, these international artists – Valerie Brennan, Rebecca Campbell, Lucy Mink, Mira Gerard, David McDonald, Jennifer Wynne Reeves, Julia Schwartz, Sabine Tress, and Julie Torres – are united in their desire to interpret their world in particular and specific terms. Each identifies a particular state of being as essential when creating their work, whether it be painting, drawing, or sculpture. Their state of being is not necessarily reflective of a state of mind. Instead, these artworks reveal how the artists find or expose themselves at any given point in time – as mothers, fathers, women, men, artists, survivors, traumatized souls, and human beings.
3 drawings of mine will be included in the show

The Black & White Project

my work will be included in the publication part of
info here at Look e Listen
right Valerie Brennan left Paul Behnke
The catalog for “The Black and White Project”
now includes works by 100 artists from around the world,
and is available for purchase at Blurb

mirror mirror

Mirror, Mirror,
oil & spray paint on wood, 38 x 46 cm, 2015

Pulp Painting

Opening Sat 12th Sept, from 3pm till dark
Exhibition continues until Fri 18th Sept,
Open daily including Sunday from 10am to 12.30am or by appointment 99 655112

Studio Apothiki is very pleased to present its second September Salon, Pulp Painting.
This year's exhibition brings together an eclectic mix of 25 international abstract painters. The idea of Pulp painting was first created by Inga Dalrymlpe in a Facebook conversation with Valerie Brennan during a running commentary on a painting by Sabine Tress. Quick, dynamic, bold, lurid, brash, spectacular....words that come to mind when you think of pulp (as in fiction) and as painters we know that our best work is often either the quickest work we make or the slowest, most difficult work to complete. Pulp Painting celebrates those rare moments when everything falls into place and a great painting arrives that is beyond our expectations.

Emily Auchincloss USA| Julie Alexander USA| Cande Aguilar USA| Karl Bielik UK|
Valerie Brennan IRE| Susan Carr USA| Pascal Casson FR| Brian Cypher USA| Inga Dalrymple AU| Ludovic Dervillez FR| Brian Edmonds USA| Judith Farr ES| Bridget Fahy IRE| Yifat Gat FR Terry Greene UK| Helen O’ Leary IRE| Jai Llewellyn UK| Enzo Marra UK| David T Miller USA| David Myrvold SE| Niall Sheerin IRE| Julia Schwartz USA| Sabine Tress DE| Julie Torres US|Pier Wright USA

Studio Apothiki is a working studio and occasional gallery that hosts periodical curated events. We are interested in the promotion and dissemination of quality contemporary art, with a specific focus on abstract painting. Founded in 2014, Studio Apothiki is run by Valerie Brennan.

We are located on the corner of Athinas & Marias Sygklitikis st,
Opposite the House of Arts & Letters (Stegi)
Tel: 99 655112





6 drawings,
acrylic, chalk & charcoal on Saunders, 76 x 56 cm


L to R: Selfie, Ping Pong & Snake in the Grass

The Usual Suspects

Mutants, oil on Masonite, 25 x 25cm, 2015
The Usual Suspects curated by Sabine Tress
@ The Wright Gallery, Northport, Michigan
opening Mon July 6th
Cande Aguilar
Paul Behnke
Karl Bielik
Valerie Brennan
Inga Dalrymple
Brian Edmonds
Phillip J Mellon

studio views




crazy diamonds

Crazy Diamonds,
oil & spray paint on Masonite, 120 x 99 cm, 2015
below: details

Running Up That Road,
oil & spray paint on Masonite, 120 x 99 cm, 2015
below: details



Untitled drawings,
each chalk pastel & acrylic on bockingford, 56 x 76cm, 2015


Flower Power,
oil & spray paint on Masonite, 99 x 80cm, 2015
below: details

oil & spray paint on Masonite, 99 x 80cm, 2015
below: details


oil & spray paint on Masonite, 99 x 80cm, 2015
below: details