An international group exhibition
At La Grange Gallery, Reims, France
Curated by Ludovic Dervillez


 Chrysalistasis curated by James Austin Murray for Lyons Wier Gallery.
http://www.lyonswiergallery.com/exhibitions/chrysalistasis https://www.artsy.net/show/lyons-wier-gallery-chrysalistasis

When Net Becomes Form

When Net Becomes Form is an online show 
curated by Bobby Dowler for Galeria Alegria
featuring 19 painters. 

Quarantine Creations

"when walking becomes a ritual that heals the wounded spirit" Murakami
oil, oil stick, cardboard, tacks string canvas and burlap on cardboard, 
dimensions vary

Erasure @ Curating Contemporary

Erasure is an amazing painting centric quarterly book 
curated by Brain Edmonds, a painter based in the USA
It is available for purchase @ Curating Contemporary