wandering gourmand

Wandering Gourmand,
oil stick, oil, acrylic, tacks, burlap, 
string on canvas on stretcher bars
85 x 65 cm, 2018


Portal, oil stick, oil, burlap, string, cardboard,
 tacks, canvas on wood, 35 x 30 cm, 2018

group show

What are you hiding in there & Early Bird

current work: 
Top, What are you hiding in there?
Below: Early Bird

Sara Osebold & Valerie Brennan @ Snag Gallery

"Sara Osebold is a Seattle artist who recently showed at Specialist Gallery. She has also showed twice at the Alice. Her work is a direct expression of place and heritage. Her Instagram description claims she is a lover of rocks. This public disclosure says a lot about how she places herself in the world.

Valerie Brennan currently lives in Pathos, Cyprus. Her work is very material and process driven with a preference for humble materials and humble marks. Her work contains setbacks and discovery. She comes to the final significance of a piece slowly. Valerie has shown in Seattle at Soil Gallery. She is internationally know as an artist and art blogger. Archives of her blog, Studio Critical, can be found at StudioCritical.blogspot.com.

This is my very first SNAG Gallery show. I expect more will come but only occasionally. There will be just enough for me to satisfy my desire for curating and sharing art that moves me. Please come and share it with me.

SNAG Gallery gets its name from the half dead tree out front. A tree I love deeply in part for all it has to teach." Julie Alexander