Sic bitch (visor),
40 x 30 cm, oil on wood

Stack (in pink),
40 x 30 cm, oil on wood

being a painter, what are you grateful for?

I had the chance to ask some of my favorite painters, what they are grateful for?
A wonderful idea by Yifat Gat for her LookeListen blog

Bring Something Pink

Fig Pink (below) will be part of 
bringsomethingpink exhibition curated by Yifat Gat


espace despalles : 
16 rue Sainte-Anastase, 75003 Paris

Opening 20.10 18h

Participating artists : Aldo Del Bono, Allison Blumenthal, Bertrand Joseph Victor Derel, Brooke Nixon, Bogumila Strojna, Christian Burnoski, Claire Colin-Collin, Dimitri Arcanger, Gabriele Herzog, Georges Autard, Henry Samelson, Humberto Poblete-Bustamante, Jérémy Chabaud, Jeanne Heifetz, johannes Strogula, John Deneuve, Julie Dawid, Joris Brantuas, Julie Alexander, Laurent Galland, Lydia Rump, Marie-Claude Bugeaud, Miranda Ellison Boulton, Patrice Pantin, Peter Shear, Richard van der Aa, Rosaire Appel, Sarajo Frieden, Sabine Finkenauer, Schweizer Maya, Tilman, Valerie Brennan, Vardi Bobrow, Yifat Gat, Yoella Razili.

Bad Medina and the studio

Bad Medina, 120 x 100cm, oil on wood


Fiction on Curating Contemporary

Fiction curated by Jeffrey Cortland Jones 

Fiction (With Only Daylight Between Us) V2

curated by Jeffrey Cortland Jones


hOOK up,oil on wood, 
oil on wood, 120 x 95 cm, 2016

Maxwell Dansuki, a man of good heart, 
oil on wood, 120 x 95 cm, 2016

Dr Justin Yak, 
oil on wood, 120 x 95 cm, 2016

dead or alive

Dead or Alive, Gallery 409, Brownsville, Texas
Organised by Cande Aguilar, info 


chalk pastel & acrylic on Saunders paper, 76 x 56 cm, 2016

We Are The Dead @ Kirk Hopper Fine Art

Right: Pier Wright, Left; Valerie Brennan

Right: Terry Maker, Left; Paul Behnke

Right: Pier Wright, Left; Karl Bielik

Right: Valerie Brennan, Left; Mali Morris

We are the dead

WE ARE THE DEAD @ Kirk Hopper Fine Art
March 5 – April 9, 2016

Cande Aguilar (USA), Paul Behnke (USA), Karl Bielik (U.K.), Valerie Brennan (CY), Brian Edmonds (USA), Mali Morris (U.K.), Sabine Tress (DE), and Pier Wright (USA).

WE ARE THE DEAD magnifies the ideas of variety and disparity in order to present a multifaceted, committed and dynamic group of painters all of whom eschew the bland, somnambulistic, and ever present approach of Zombie Formalism. In its place are idiosyncratic, powerful, poetic, and individualized statements by painters deeply immersed in their craft and committed to the idea that to communicate their own internal landscape is one of the bedrock reasons to paint. These painters have long and varied exhibition histories, including curatorial projects, and many have previously exhibited together all over the world. These connections only enhance a running and involved conversation of criticism and support that binds their work and the painters themselves.

Text by Paul Behnke



Synthesizer is an exhibition of painting and drawing by
Valerie Brennan and Chiaki Kamikawa.
Opening February 12th @ 7.30 pm by
The Ambassador of Ireland Mr. Nicolas Twist,
 Apocalypse Gallery, Nicosia
Duration February 12th to 24th 2016


Valerie Brennan creates striking abstract work in an expressive style.  Thick and thin layering of oil paint and the various surface textures reflect the motion of the artist while making the work. The complex work of Chiaki Kamikawa draws attention to our subconscious mind.  The dream like scenes unfolds narratives of unknown worlds. Whilst on the surface the two artists don’t appear to have much in common, being stylistically and aesthetically different, both of the artists share a similar approach to their work. Neither begins with a predetermined image, trusting in the process of making and in their  own intuition to let an image emerge. Synthesizer allows two radically different artists to add a particular and individual voice to their shared dialogue, to speak in parallel of the myriad possibilities of process driven art and through their differences highlight the common impetus to be ourselves.

Valerie Brennan, Love Machine, oil on wood, 80 x 60cm, 2015
Chiaki Kamikawa, Listen to the voice from celebration pots, 2015, 24 x 30cm, oil on canvas

thinking out loud

studio wall 2016

3 drawings


Look & Listen

Yifat Gat turned the tables and asked me my own Studio Critical
questions for her blog Look & Listen