South of No North, East of No West

Off Piste,
oil & spray paint on mdf, 27 x 25cm, 2014
South of No North, East of No West
Lowe Mill Gallery, Huntsville, Alabama, opening Jan 9
South of No North, East of No West brings together 16 artists from all over the world. Having followed these artists for some time it is with great pleasure that I am able to show them side by side. Each is constantly exploring their medium while creating a mature body of work. Each has a constant dialogue with their work and with the contemporary artworld at large. Many of the artists live in major art centers such as New York or London while others make work in places such as the Skagit Valley in Washington State or Ambler, Pennsylvania. It is this relationship that intrigued me while curating this show. The idea that an artist can make good, honest work no matter the setting is the central theme of this show.
curated by Brian Edmonds
Featured Artists:
Ky Anderson (Brooklyn)
Paul Behnke (Brooklyn)
Karl Bielik (London)
Valerie Brennan (Cyprus)
Clayton Colvin (Alabama)
Brian Cypher (Washington State)
William Lawler (Athens)
James Lambert (Huntsville)
Meg Lipke (Brooklyn)
Dale McNeil (Memphis)
David T. Miller (Ambler, PA)
Amy Pleasant (Birmingham)
Pete Schulte (Tuscaloosa)
Vicki Sher (Brooklyn)
Julie Torres (Brooklyn)
Sabine Tress (Cologne)
Rebecca Young (Huntsville)


we'll swim we'll be happy

we'll swim we'll be happy,
oil, charcoal and chalk on mdf panel,
120 x 99cm