States of being @ Torrance Museum of Art

installation shots of the show, beautifully curated by Julia Schwartz
photos by Gene Ogami
Valerie Brennan
left to right; Sabine Tress, Julia Schwartz, David McDonald
left to right; Jennifer Wynne Reeves, Julie Torres, Mira Gerard

left to right; Jennifer Wynne Reeves,  David McDonald, Jennifer Wynne Reeves

left to right; Lucy Mink, Jennifer Wynne Reeves

States of Being @ TAM

David McDonalds,
Self Portrait ( Underground Self ), 2011

States of Being @ The Torrance Museum of Art

Sat Oct 3 to Sat Oct 21 2015

The Torrance Art Museum presents States of Being, an exhibition curated by Julia Schwartz that philosophically explores how nine artists construct meaning through use of various materials.
The phrase states of being can reference many different physical and psychological properties. However, these international artists – Valerie Brennan, Rebecca Campbell, Lucy Mink, Mira Gerard, David McDonald, Jennifer Wynne Reeves, Julia Schwartz, Sabine Tress, and Julie Torres – are united in their desire to interpret their world in particular and specific terms. Each identifies a particular state of being as essential when creating their work, whether it be painting, drawing, or sculpture. Their state of being is not necessarily reflective of a state of mind. Instead, these artworks reveal how the artists find or expose themselves at any given point in time – as mothers, fathers, women, men, artists, survivors, traumatized souls, and human beings.
3 drawings of mine will be included in the show