Pulp Painting

Opening Sat 12th Sept, from 3pm till dark
Exhibition continues until Fri 18th Sept,
Open daily including Sunday from 10am to 12.30am or by appointment 99 655112

Studio Apothiki is very pleased to present its second September Salon, Pulp Painting.
This year's exhibition brings together an eclectic mix of 25 international abstract painters. The idea of Pulp painting was first created by Inga Dalrymlpe in a Facebook conversation with Valerie Brennan during a running commentary on a painting by Sabine Tress. Quick, dynamic, bold, lurid, brash, spectacular....words that come to mind when you think of pulp (as in fiction) and as painters we know that our best work is often either the quickest work we make or the slowest, most difficult work to complete. Pulp Painting celebrates those rare moments when everything falls into place and a great painting arrives that is beyond our expectations.

Emily Auchincloss USA| Julie Alexander USA| Cande Aguilar USA| Karl Bielik UK|
Valerie Brennan IRE| Susan Carr USA| Pascal Casson FR| Brian Cypher USA| Inga Dalrymple AU| Ludovic Dervillez FR| Brian Edmonds USA| Judith Farr ES| Bridget Fahy IRE| Yifat Gat FR Terry Greene UK| Helen O’ Leary IRE| Jai Llewellyn UK| Enzo Marra UK| David T Miller USA| David Myrvold SE| Niall Sheerin IRE| Julia Schwartz USA| Sabine Tress DE| Julie Torres US|Pier Wright USA

Studio Apothiki is a working studio and occasional gallery that hosts periodical curated events. We are interested in the promotion and dissemination of quality contemporary art, with a specific focus on abstract painting. Founded in 2014, Studio Apothiki is run by Valerie Brennan.

We are located on the corner of Athinas & Marias Sygklitikis st,
Opposite the House of Arts & Letters (Stegi)
Tel: 99 655112